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Hooks We offer several ways that your application that is iPhone could connect to mine, through link schemes and through the File Discussion API. Custom URL Structure The Aim-C contact to start one of these brilliant URLs is as follows: Record Relationship You also’d like your users to talk about these photographs using Instagram and if your app makes photographs, you may use your picture to open in Instagramis sharing circulation. You have to first save your valuable report in PNG or JPEG (preferred) structure and make use of the filename expansion “.ig”. Utilizing the iOS Report Relationship APIs you can trigger the photo to become popped by Instagram. The Identifier for the Doc Connection UTI is Plus it adjusts for the public/ jpeg png UTIs. See-the Apple paperwork posts: Previewing and Beginning Records and also the UIDocumentInteractionController Category Guide for more information. Instead, if you would like showing only Instagram while in the application number (rather than Instagram plus every other public/jpeg-conforming applications) you can designate the expansion category igo. That will be of.

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Instagram can instantly provide your filter screen to the user, while triggered. The picture measured properly for Instagram and is preloaded. For greatest benefits, Instagram wants beginning a JPEG that is 640px by 640px block. In the event the image is greater, it will be resized.