ตัวแปลง RS232 to Wifi

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– ทำงานได้หลากหลายฟังก์ชัน ทั้ง TCP Server ,TCP Client , UDP , Visual Comport

– แถมโปรแกรมจำลอง Comport ให้ 

– รองรับได้หลาย connection ในโหมด TCP Server

Product Description

ตัวแปลง RS232 to Wifi

Industry Embedded wifi to rs232 uart adapter module CE FCC is a device for commulication from UART device with Wifi, this wifi to rs232(TTL UART) module has small size, antenna on board, can use for your hand system.

You did not need to know wifi detail and make your MCU commulication with PC or notebook or Mobile via WIFI, or just connect two MCUs via wireless WIFI, very easy for use and cheap price.It can be config via AT command and WEB pages. High quality with FCC and CE certification, lots of in stock, bulk supply capacity for large quantity useage.

serial ttl rs232 to 802.11 b/g/n converter Embedded WiFi Module is a tool for MCU link to WIFI network, work for Transparent transmission, TCP server ,TCP client and UDP mode can be choose.


Unique Features

 Industry Max support 32 client connection Support AP+STA WDS DHCP TCPB Function
  • RS232 port , male as PC, support RTS/CTS
  • DC 5-9V input
  • Reload for restore default setting, (at work status, press it 1 second and then left it free wait restart finish will back to default setting)
  • 2.54 RS232 lever TXD TXD GND pin out
  • leds for Power Ready Link RXD TXD
  • Important pin out
  • DC5.5*2.1 and 3.81 two power input inerface, can work as one in and other out.
  • Pin9 on COM port can link to Power input, for power in or out from COM port
  • 1Power adapter, serial cable for free
  • TCP IP demo VB / DEPHI / Boland C+

System topology

1.WIFI module work as AP and STA.

ap sta+

2.WIFI module to extend serial transmission distance.

extend distance

3.Realize Serial program remote control device by WIFI module+USR-VCOM.


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