bluetooth card
bluetooth cardbluetooth cardbluetooth card

บัตรบูลทูธ 433 RFID : Long Range Bluetooth RFID Card

฿ 250.00

– ระยะส่งสัญญาณ 10-30 เมตร ผ่านกระจกฟิล์ม ดำทึบ และปรอทได้ แต่ระยะอาจลดลง

– ใช้ สัญญาณ  Infrared เป็น trigger เพื่อส่งสัญญาณ RF 433 ออกไป 

– ความถี่สัญญาณ  RF  433MHz  ไม่ต้องขออนุญาต ใช้ 



Product Description

หัวอ่านบัตรบูลทูธ 433 RFID : Long Range Bluetooth RFID 

bluetooth card

l Optical excitation, CDMA, sleep/wake up, wireless communications, CPU automatic recognition and so on cutting-edge high-tech crystal

l High Reading speed, card can be read in 10-40 km/h without vehicle stop

l Long range reading distance, 3-20 m(adjustable)

l With good directivity, optical excitation range can be up to 120°

l Advanced CDMA communication technology is used and no interference between adjacent lane

l No need to stop and no need to open the window to read card

l Reading direction can be adjusted discretionarily

l Output mode, Wiegand 26 and RS485

 bluetooth card

Technical Parameters

l Power Supply: DC 12V/3A

l Working Frequency: 433MHZ

l Infrared Frequency: 38KHZ

l Reading Distance:1-20 meters maximum distance

l Response Time: 0.1 seconds

l Reading Speed: 0.5 seconds

l Reading Time Interval 0.5-0.8 seconds

l Operating Temperature: -30 °C ~ +70 °C

 bluetooth card

Long-range Bluetooth Card

l Reading Distance: 1 ~ 25 meters

l In hand or vehicle-mounted auto reading, dual reading mode

l Access control cards can be affixed to the back of the card for “One-Card System”

l Passwords, license plates and other coded information can be stored

l Battery: CR3240 button cell

l Battery Life: 505,000 (handheld)

l Working Mode: read-write in real time (with CDMA module)

 bluetooth card

Power Supply: DC 12V/3A
Working Frequency: 433MHZ
Infrared Frequency: 38KHZ
Reading Distance:1-20 meters maximum distance
Response Time: 0.1 seconds
Reading Speed: 0.5 seconds
Reading Time Interval: 0.5-0.8 seconds
Operating Temperature: -30 degree Celsius ~ +70 degree Celsius