บัตร Mifare Classic 0.8mm rfid Smart IC Cards 1K

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– Fudan Chips

– Read / Write  1K



Product Description

บัตร Mifare rfid Smart IC Cards 1K



บัตร Mifare rfid Smart IC Cards 1K


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Chip Type: FM1108
Memory capacity: 8 kbit, 16 partitions, each division two groups of password
Operating frequency: 13.56 MHZ
Communication speed: 106 kboud
Reading and writing distance: 2.5 – 10 cm
Reading and writing time: 1-2 ms
Working temperature: -20degree to 85 degree
Erase time: > 100000 times
Data storage: > ten years
Size: 0.87* 85.5 * 54mm
Packaging materials: PVC, PET, 0.13 copper cash
Production standard: ISO 14443, ISO 10536

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