หัวอ่านบัตร ระยะ 60-80 CM (Long range RFID Card reader)

-อ่านบัตร ได้ระยะ  60 cm (0.8mm) / 80cm (1.80mm)

-ประยุกต์กับงาน Access Control , งานไม้กั้นเข้าออกหมู่บ้าน 

-รองรับบัตร  125Khz 

 -ส่งค่าแบบ Wiegand  (Optional  RS232 / TCP-IP)


Product Description



Interface: Wiegand (26 / 34 / 42-bit), Magstripe, clock and data, RS232, RS485(9600, n, 8, 1), EIA and TTL levels
RF frequency: 125kHz (±2kHz, auto tuning)
Technology: EM technology, EM4100 cards supported
Antenna: integrated antenna
Power: 7.5 – 13.6V DC, 300mA typical (200mA at 7.5V)
Response time: 200ms
Dimensions: 240 x 240 x 50mm
Material: ABS
Operation temperature: -20°c to 60°c
Reading distance: 65 – 105cm, depending on transponders
Response time:200ms
RF frequency:125kHz (±2kHz auto tuning)
Power:7.5 – 13.6V DC 300mA typical (200mA at 7.5V)
 RFID Proximity 125Khz 1meter Middle range reader


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