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รีโมทคอนโทรลระยะไกล 200m – 2CH -Long Distance Remote control

฿ 1,250.00

Remote แบบ Learning  Code 

ส่งสัญญาณได้ไกล ประมาณ 50-200 เมตร ในที่โล่งแจ้ง


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Product Description

รีโมทคอนโทรลระยะไกล 200m  – 2CH -Long Distance Remote control


Receiver (switch)


Working Voltage : DC12V

Max load current : 10A

Working Frequency : 315MHZ/433MZH( Frequency can be customized)

please notice that here is in set , we have made it work together before we ship to you , so you don’t have to care about what frequency are they .only someone who buy the receiver or transmitter alone ,he must care about the frequency to match .


Receiver sensitivity: : -105Db

Working temperature : -10’C – +60’C

Output way : Momentary /Toggle /Latched is Adjustable

Code type :Learning code

Transmitting distance: 50-200M


working/output way

Jog/Non-Latched/Momentary: press one button is working /ON. loosen your finger on the same button is stop/OFF .one channel switch(receiver) need one buttons remote control (transmitter )


Self -lock/Self-Latched/Toggle: press one button for one time is working/ON .press the same button again is stop/OFF .(one channel switch(receiver) need one buttons remote control (transmitter)


Inter-lock /Latched : press one button is working/ON ,press another button is stop/OFF . ( one channel switch( receiver )need 2 buttons remote control (transmitter )


Please notice that :

here is the 2CH and 2 buttons remote control .you can choose the all the working way that you can choose ,you have better choose the Jog or self-lock ,so all the buttons has been used .

  Please tell us the working way that you want after you buy it , if you are not the professional person, we would set the working way as your requirement before we ship .



Learning Method:


Press the learning button, it means it has been putting in the study when the indicator light are flashing .then you press any buttons of the remote control to transmite signal . it means studying successfully when the indicator flash 2 times until the light goes out .


Remote control (transmitter)

Remote Control:

Operating Voltage: DC12V

Operating Current: 30MA

Operating Frequency: 266-433MHz

Frequency Distance: 200M

(please notice that is the ideal distance without any block and signal interfere , it would rise and fall about 10%-50% with the block and signal interference ).

Size: 85 x 37 x 18 mm / 3.3 x1.5 x 0.7 in(L x W x H)