Remote TTL 3 Channel

รีโมทคอนโทรล 3CH -rf transmitter and receiver module wireless remote control system

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Product Description

รีโมทคอนโทรล 3 CH -rf transmitter and receiver module wireless remote control system


The high quality super heterodyne receiver AK-RXB12-X, use the French brand RF wireless data transfer receiver chips, so it is a high cost performance of ISM frequency channel receiver module. High receiving sensitivity and low price enable the low end wireless products get rid of the high price limit, furthermore, it improved the stability and reliability of the low end wireless products,also the quality and image of our products,thus made our products more competitive in the market.Moreover,with no plus any circuit can make the RF signal input to data signal output.In order to make a new design only a simple data decoding circuit you need .

Tech Specification :

Operating Frequency 433.92MHz/315mhz
Quiescent current 0mA
Modulation Mode ASK AM
Output level TTL level
RF Sensibility ASK: -105dBm
Operating Temperature -40 C ~ +85 C
Output level TTL level
Receiver Size 28*12.5*5mm
Type Super-heterdyne
Receiver Operating Voltage DC3.3-5V


Working Voltage DC6V
Working Current 12mA
Transmitter Frequency 315MHz/433.92MHz 150KHz
Transmitting Distance 30-100m
Encoding Type Fixed Code
Encoding Way

Fixed Code by soldering

Learning code by learning

Remote size 50*33*10mm

Application :

(1)Car remote door switch

(2)Remote control door opener

(3)Wireless security alarm

(4)Wireless doorbell

(5)Wireless Remote controller

(6)Wireless date transmission


When drive the MCU directly ,the I/O port cant connect the pull-up or pull-down resistors because the drive current of RXB12s data output pin is weak.Also the inner pull-up or pull-down resistors of MCU should be disabled.

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